FAQ's Page

Below are answers to common questions we get regarding our tonneaus. If you don’t see your question, feel free to reach out to us directly either via our Facebook page, our website contact form, or email at info@sawtootht.com.

Q: Where is the Sawtooth STRETCH made?

A: Sawtooth Stretch Expandable Tonneau Covers are made in the USA!

Q: How secure is the Sawtooth STRETCH?

A: Like every other soft tonneau cover on the market, security can be limited.  However, because the Sawtooth STRETCH covers both small and large gear, you have added peace of mind knowing your gear is out of sight of potential thieves.

Q: Is the Sawtooth STRETCH waterproof?

A: No tonneau cover is completely waterproof.  The Sawtooth STRETCH is water resistant and does a great job preventing water from entering the pickup truck bed, but some water may still enter your truck bed along the side of the tailgate.

Q: Can I put cargo on top of the Sawtooth STRETCH?

A: We do not recommend placing cargo on top of the Sawtooth STRETCH expandable tonneau cover.  The aluminum cross support members are not recommended to support cargo loads.

Q: Can I lock the Sawtooth STRETCH?

A: Placing a locking mechanism on the Sawtooth STRETCH expandable tonneau cover would severely limit its versatility, ease-of-use, and quick installation.  It was intentionally omitted. 

Q: Are Sawtooth Tonneaus warrantied?

A: Yes! We take great pride in our tonneaus and offer a warranty to our amazing customers. Please see our warranty information for more details.

Q: How do I clean my Sawtooth Tonneau?

A: Your Sawtooth Tonneau is naturally stain resistant, but occasional cleaning, as needed, will help keep your tonneau looking sharp. You can clean your tonneau at your local car wash or by hand with a soft sponge or soft washcloth and rinse under cold water thouroughly to remove any excess soap.  When cleaning, for best results use mild liquid soap and water. Never clean with petroleum or citrus-based products.

Q: How do I keep my tonneau looking black and sharp?

A:  After cleaning with a mild soap and thoroughly rinsing off the excess soap, treat the cover with a UV protectant and hydrophobic coating instead of petroleum-based products.  The UV Protectant coating will keep the composite textile from greying, preserve the water-resistant membrane, and maintain the warranty.  WAXEDSHINE Fabric Guard or UN-DUZ-IT Protectant are Sawtooth's approved UV protectant/ hydrophobic coatings. The hydrophobic coating will help maintain the water-resistance properties of the cover.  Please note that petroleum based products will dry out and damage the composite textile and void the warranty.

Q: What is the lifetime expectancy of the cover.

A: We have a limited lifetime warranty on our Sawtooth tonneau.  We warranty the textile material for two years and the remaining parts for the lifetime you own the original vehicle.  Please see our warranty.  You can expect years of service out of your Sawtooth tonneau cover. In the rare event that the cover is damaged outside of the warranty, you can simply purchase a new replacement cover, at a reduced rate, without having to purchase an entirely new tonneau!

Q: Does water shed off of my Sawtooth Tonneau?

A: Every Sawtooth tonneau comes with easily removable cross bars that bow up to help guide water off the tonneau.  In some instances you may get pooling but simply driving your pickup will shed that water off your cover.  Regularly applying our recommended protective coating also helps to shed water. 

Q: When will my tonneau Ship?

A: Your ordered Sawtooth Tonneau will typically ship within 5 working days after placing your order.  This does not include holidays and weekends.

Q: Will my Sawtooth Tonneau handle harsh winters with snow and ice accumulation?

A: Your Sawtooth Tonneau is designed to handle cold snowy winters. Sawtooth Tonneau was developed at high elevations in the Rocky Mountains to handle extreme cold and snow loads. Each tonneau has easily removable cross bars that keep snow from “sagging’ the tonneau in when no cargo is under the tonneau. Please note, all materials that are exposed to extremely cold temperatures naturally become more rigid. Your Sawtooth Tonneau too will become more rigid during extreme cold temperatures. During extreme cold temperatures, the Sawtooth Tonneau will be somewhat limited in flexibility and may require a extra pull strength and patience while the cover stretches and hooks to the tonneau rail under load conditions.

Q: Can you open and close the tailgate with the Sawtooth Tonneau Cover Installed?

A: Yes, the Sawtooth Tonneau is supported over the tailgate with our black anodized frame. The tailgate can be opened and closed easily. The Sawtooth Frame even includes a gasket over the tailgate to help prevent water from entering the cargo space.

Q: Does Sawtooth Tonneau offer any lockable cover options?

A: Sawtooth does not produce a lockable “lock and key” tonneau at this time. When we talk about “securing cargo” in our marketing promotions and on our website, we are referring to our tonneaus’ unique ability to come in direct contact with cargo and stretch tightly around it, providing protection from shifting while driving and far more effectively “securing” your cargo in place than competing tonneau covers.

Q: I don’t see my truck make, model, year, or bed size? Can I still buy a Sawtooth Tonneau?

A: Yes! While we mass produce our tonneaus for the most popular truck makes, models, bed sizes and styles, we are also happy to take custom orders. To ask questions and/or place a custom order, reach out to info@sawtootht.com.

Q: What Payment Methods do you Accept?

A: Sawtooth Tonneau offers several payment options.

Credit Card - We accept VISA, MasterCard, Discover, American Express and PayPal.

International Wire Transfer - Please contact the Sawtooth team at info@sawtootht.com for further information on this payment method.

Q: When will my credit card be charged?

A: Your card will typically be charged the day you make the purchase, or the next business day.

Q: I have a toolbox on my truck. Will I be able to make a Sawtooth Tonneau fit?

A: Sawtooth Tonneaus are designed to completely cover and protect the bed of your truck and the cargo inside. It will not fit with a toolbox installed on the truck bed.

Q: Will my Sawtooth Tonneau work with other truck bed accessories?

A: Yes! The design of your Sawtooth tonneau enables you to accessorize with most bed rails, bed liners, and rail caps.  Please review how how the Sawtooth Stretch tonneau installs and sits on your truck prior to ordering.

Q: How do I order a replacement part for my Sawtooth Tonneau?

A: Reach out to us via our contact page or send an email to us at info@sawtootht.com. We will need to know the year, make, model, and bed size of your truck, as well as the part that needs replaced before we can determine price and process your replacement part order.

Q: Other available colors?

A: Sawtooth Tonneaus are currently only available in black. It’s a timeless classic!

Q: What do I do if I ordered the wrong sized tonneau for my truck?

A: Hey, these things happen. If your tonneau hasn’t shipped, we can typically stop delivery and apply the original purchase to the properly sized tonneau for your truck. Let us know as soon as you realize you ordered the wrong size!

If your tonneau has already shipped or arrived, we’ll need you to ship the tonneau back. Upon receipt, we will apply the original purchase to the the appropriately sized tonneau.

In either scenario above, you will need to make up the difference in price if the tonneau you need is larger than the tonneau you ordered. We will work with you to make that easy and fast!

Q: Can cargo really come into contact with my Sawtooth Tonneau?

A: Absolutely! Sawtooth Tonneaus are made with just the right amount of rugged dependability and flexibility to cover most common-sized cargo. That said, sharp or excessively jagged cargo can snag, tear, or cut your tonneau cover, so evaluate each item in the bed before covering it with your Sawtooth Tonneau.

Q: Does the tonneau flap in the wind while driving at high speeds?

A: When a strong cross wind pushes sideways against the side of the pickup truck while driving at high speeds, and the tonneau is lying flat, you can get a small momentary lift of the tonneau textile.  This is normal and an will not affect the performance or life of the tonneau.  Also, the textile material will not come loose as long as it is secured around the tonneau frame perimeter.