FAQ's on Product Pages


Q: Where is the Sawtooth STRETCH made?

A: Sawtooth Stretch Expandable Tonneau Covers are made in the USA!

Q: How secure is the Sawtooth STRETCH?

A: Like every other soft tonneau cover on the market, security can be limited.  However, because the Sawtooth STRETCH covers both small and large gear, you have added peace of mind knowing your gear is out of sight of potential thieves.

Q: Is the Sawtooth STRETCH waterproof?

A: No tonneau cover is completely waterproof.  The Sawtooth STRETCH is water resistant and does a great job preventing water from entering the pickup truck bed, but some water may still enter your truck bed along the side of the tailgate.

Q: Can I put cargo on top of the Sawtooth STRETCH?

A: We do not recommend placing cargo on top of the Sawtooth STRETCH expandable tonneau cover.  The aluminum cross support members are not recommended to support cargo loads.

Q: Can I lock the Sawtooth STRETCH?

A: Placing a locking mechanism on the Sawtooth STRETCH expandable tonneau cover would severely limit its versatility, ease-of-use, and quick installation.  It was intentionally omitted. 

Q: Are Sawtooth Tonneaus warrantied?

A: Yes! We take great pride in our tonneaus and offer a warranty to our amazing customers. Please see our warranty information for more details.

Q: When will my tonneau Ship?

A: Your ordered Sawtooth Tonneau will typically ship within 5 working days after placing your order.  This does not include holidays and weekends.