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Q: Are Sawtooth Tonneaus warrantied?

A: Yes! We take great pride in our tonneaus and offer a warranty to our amazing customers. Please see our warranty information for more details.

Q: How do I clean my Sawtooth Tonneau?

A: Your Sawtooth Tonneau is naturally stain resistant, but occasional cleaning, as needed, will help keep your tonneau looking sharp. You can clean your tonneau at your local automated car wash or by hand with a soft sponge or soft washcloth and rinse under cold water to remove any excess soap.

Q: What is the lifetime expectancy of the cover.

A: We have a limited lifetime warranty on our Sawtooth tonneau.  We warranty the textile material for two years and the remaining parts for the lifetime you own the original vehicle.  Please see our warranty.  You can expect years of service out of your Sawtooth tonneau cover. In the rare event that the cover is damaged outside outside of the warranty, you can simply purchase a new replacement cover, at a reduced rate, without having to purchase an entirely new tonneau!

Q: Will water shed off of my Sawtooth Tonneau?

A: Yes, your Sawtooth tonneau comes with easily removable cross bars that bow to allow water to shed off and not pool on the tonneau. When you have cargo to load simply lift the cross bars out of place to allow tall cargo to be loaded into the tonneau.

 Q: When will my tonneau Ship?

A: Your ordered Sawtooth Tonneau will typically ship within 5 working days after placing your order.  This does not include holidays and weekends.