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  • Sawtooth Unleashes Its Inner Maverick!

    Sawtooth, a leading innovator in truck bed covers, is thrilled to announce the launch of the Sawtooth STRETCH Expandable Tonneau Cover, specifically designed for the 2022–Present Ford Maverick. As the only expandable pickup truck bed cover in the world, the Sawtooth Tonneau provides unparalleled versatility for Maverick owners, allowing them to load more, haul more, and do more with their compact trucks.
  • Unleash Your Maverick: The Best Tonneau Covers for Ford Maverick

    The Sawtooth Expandable Tonneau Cover emerges as the clear winner for Ford Maverick owners, offering exceptional versatility, durability, and ease of use. With its unique expandable design, weatherproofing prowess, and sleek aesthetics, the Sawtooth Expandable Tonneau Cover transforms your Maverick into a more versatile and stylish vehicle, ready to tackle any task or adventure you throw its way.