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Best Tonneau Covers for Ford F-150

If someone told you to picture the classic American truck, chances are you might think of a Ford F-150. It’s often named as the best all-around truck, and sales back that up! For the past 40 years, Ford F-150s have outsold their competitors and dominated American roads as the most popular pickup truck. For the past few years they have sold more than 600,000 annually in America!

Your Ford F-150 has everything you could need in a truck. It’s a workhorse with great towing capacity while still being lightweight and getting decent gas mileage. 

Now that you’ve picked a great truck, it’s time to choose a truck bed cover.

ford tonneau cover

Why do you need a tonneau cover?

Your F-150 can haul pretty much anything, whether you’re going to the other side of town or across the country. Camping gear, work equipment, moving boxes, lumber, luggage… no problem!

But what will you do when it starts raining? Or when you’re off road and kicking up a lot of dust? Or if you’re worried about someone shady running off with your stuff? 

If you’re going to haul anything with your F-150, you should invest in a tonneau to keep it safe. 

Not familiar with tonneau covers yet? Start here: What is a tonneau cover?

Tonneau covers have lots of benefits. Simply said, they protect your truck bed and anything you’re carrying in it. Here are some things tonneaus do that drivers love:

  • Keep your cargo protected from rain, snow, and wind.
  • Prevent dirt and dust from getting in your truck bed and making a mess.
  • Stop UV rays from damaging your cargo on sunny, hot days.
  • Protect your cargo from being stolen by hiding it from view, or sometimes even by actually locking.

What should you look for in an F-150 tonneau cover?

Now you know why you need a tonneau cover, so all that’s left is to pick the best model for you. Luckily there are lots of options out there for all different priorities and budgets. Here are some suggestions of what to look for in a cover:

Provides great protection

All tonneau covers offer some degree of protection for your cargo. Different materials provide various levels of protection from the elements. If theft is what you’re most worried about, hard tonneau covers with integrated locks provide the best security.

Easy to install and remove

Consider how often you’ll need to remove your tonneau cover. Some models require drilling into the bed rails or bed, while others attach with simple hand clamps. With some, it’s possible to install a tonneau cover with just one person, but others require help.

Water resistant

Although there are no completely waterproof tonneaus, most are still great at keeping your cargo dry. Some come with weatherproofing strips to seal out water or drain tubes that channel water away from your truck bed. 

Able to handle different sizes of cargo

Some days your F-150 truck bed might be empty and other times it may have cargo that fits below the bed rails. But sometimes you’ll need to carry something bigger. Unless you have an adjustable tonneau cover, you’ll need to either remove your tonneau or choose a model that rolls, folds, or retracts out of the way. Think about how versatile you want your tonneau to be. 


Do you want your tonneau to last years, or are you looking for a low-budget model that will get you through one year? Your budget will impact how sturdy of a tonneau you can afford. If you’re willing to spend more you can find a tonneau cover as strong as your F-150. It’s also worth looking into a tonneau with a good warranty.

What types of tonneaus are available? 

Tonneau covers are sometimes referred to in two categories: soft and hard. Though material is definitely important, it’s even more helpful to think of the different styles out there. Here are some of the main truck bed cover styles on the market:

    • Retractable tonneaus: Retractable covers are expensive hard tonneaus that store along the bulkhead and open and close with a button. 
    • Foldable tonneaus: There are tri-fold or quad-fold options, and both can cover the entire truck bed or just part of it if you’re carrying large cargo. These come in both soft and hard materials.
    • Rolling tonneaus: These soft covers can be rolled up to make way for large cargo that sits above the bed rails.
    • Hinged hard-top tonneaus: These hard tonneaus are the most expensive, and they offer the most security. They can’t fit large cargo and are the hardest to install and remove.
    • Adjustable tonneau covers: Expandable soft tonneau covers stretch to cover tall and large cargo, lay flat when not in use. Like many other tonneaus, they are supported by removable cross bars to avoid pooling water or snow.

The best tonneau covers for 2020 Ford F-150

Obviously there is a lot to consider when choosing a tonneau cover. The good news is there are lots of great covers out there to choose from. Here are 5 tonneaus that we highly recommend. We picked one of each of the most popular styles.

An adjustable tonneau that covers large and tall cargo

Sawtooth STRETCH for Ford F-150 tonneau cover 5’7” bed.

Starts at $549

If you want your tonneau to do more than sit to the side when you’re carrying large cargo, you should check out the Sawtooth STRETCH. It’s the only tonneau on the market that is made of flexible proprietary material. It’s 7 times thicker than its other soft tonneau competitors and expands to cover cargo taller than the bed rails. 

It installs in about 5 minutes and removes easily, too. It lays flat to cover low cargo and comes with support bars included that prevent water and snow from pooling or sagging the cover. 

It’s American made and comes with a lifetime tonneau warranty. With other tonneau covers, if you break one piece you need to buy a whole new unit. If something goes wrong and a part of your Sawtooth tonneau breaks, you can order a single replacement part. 

We recommend this tonneau for F-150 drivers who want a versatile tonneau that protects all types of cargo equally. 

A retractable cover that can handle cargo on top: 

RetraxPRO XR Retractable Truck Bed Tonneau Cover for 2020 Ford F-150 5’7” bed

Starts at $1,929

This retractable cover is made of heavy duty aluminum slats to stand the test of time alongside your F-150. 

What we like most about this tonneau is that it’s compatible with most T-slot accessories. That includes most cargo racks from Yakima, Rhino Racks, Thule and more. That way you can use the cover to protect your cargo, and still take advantage of the space above your bed rails. 

It can also be locked in any position so you won’t need to worry about removing it when you’re carrying big items.

Along with sturdy construction, this cover comes with a limited lifetime warranty against defects.

A folding tonneau that is versatile and secure

BAK BAKFlip MX4 Hard Folding Truck Bed Tonneau Cover for 2020 F-150 5’7” bed

Starts at $969

The BAKFlip MX4 has 700+ reviews on Amazon with 4.6 stars for good reason. It folds up into 3 sections for versatility. It can be secured down over the bed, or stay in a partially folded position. You can even use its durable prop rods to store it totally upright against the bulkhead while driving. Even in that position it won’t cover the third brake light, keeping you safer on the road.

BAKFlip says it takes under an hour to install, and it includes a 5 year warranty.

This hard tonneau cover offers security with its ability to latch securely, while still allowing you to open or close the tailgate while the cover is on. 

A hard top tonneau that locks for ultimate security

Ranch Legacy Tonneau Cover for Ford F-150

Starts at $1,405

Hard fiberglass tonneaus look good on your truck. You can select a perfect match for your truck paint color for a streamlined look to your F-150. Since this cover extends over your bed rails, it’s great at keeping water out since there aren’t many places for it to leak in. It even comes with a “triple seal” to protect any potential points where water could enter.

This tonneau locks securely so it’s the best option if you’re storing expensive equipment in your truck bed and don’t want to worry about it. 

This sleek Legacy Ranch tonneau basically becomes an extension of your Ford F-150. The drawback to that is that it’s difficult to install and remove. It also isn’t able to fit tall cargo without being removed from your truck. 

It comes with a 1 year warranty, but will usually last much longer. 

A roll-up tonneau that’s easy on your wallet

Starts at $329

This rolling tonneau is easy, just like the name suggests. It installs with no drilling. Just bolt on some clamps and attach the adhesive strips. There are pull tabs at each rear corner making it easy to detach and roll up. 

It can also stay on while opening the tailgate if you just need to quickly throw something in the bed. Besto says it rolls up in about 30 seconds. If you are carrying large cargo, you can use the included straps to store it in a rolled position. 

Even at its budget price point, it is made of durable vinyl-coated polyester that can stand up to bad weather. It comes with built in fabric supports that extend across the bed and keep it taut even under snow and rain. 

If you’re looking for an easy and cheap tonneau and don’t need it to protect large or tall cargo, this tonneau is worth looking into. 


When choosing the best tonneau for your Ford F-150, there are lots of factors to consider. Once you know what you’re looking for, you can decide which style of tonneau you prefer and then start looking at brands. You can’t go wrong with any of these 5 tonneaus on our list of the best F-150 truck bed covers. 

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