2019 ford ranger tonneau cover

10 reasons you need an expandable tonneau cover

As a pickup truck owner, you need a tonneau that fits your life. The Sawtooth STRETCH Tonneau Cover stands (well, stretches) above the competition. Why limit your truck to only carry cargo that fits below the bed rails?

Other tonneau covers are all about compromise. Choose a hard tonneau and you get security but lose the ability to carry large cargo. If you choose a roll-up, folding, or retractable tonneau cover you can either cover low cargo, or have your cover take up space near the cab and leave your stuff uncovered. Security, 100% access to your truck bed, and the ability to haul more are all important. Why compromise?

2019 ford ranger tonneau cover

We didn’t just create a new product, we created a new category: Expandable Tonneau Covers.

Experience the ability to Load More, Haul More, and Do More with the world’s first expandable tonneau. After all, your truck should give you more freedom, not less. And speaking of freedom, every Sawtooth Tonneau Cover is proudly made in the USA!

Here are the 12 best things Sawtooth’s patented STRETCH expandable tonneau cover has to offer:

1. Extra capacity

Cover both large and small cargo and everything in between.

Other tonneaus can either cover short cargo or sit unused taking up space in the bed of your truck. We didn’t want to settle for that, and you shouldn’t have to either. Your truck is built to carry heavy, tall cargo and your tonneau should be built the same way. Sawtooth’s patented STRETCH & HOLD technology allows our tonneau to expand and stretch over nearly any cargo your truck can handle. Don’t think twice before you go on family trips or haul tall equipment for work in your pickup truck. Carrying small cargo? No problem. The Sawtooth STRETCH covers that too with a smooth sleek profile and no sagging. This adjustable tonneau cover can cover your cargo for any journey or job.

2. Extra protection

Our American-made, patented STRETCH textile keeps your stuff safe.

Only the Sawtooth STRETCH can cover and protect cargo taller than the bed walls of your pickup truck. Other tonneau covers just cover low-profile cargo and leave anything else unprotected. Not us. Whether your cargo is low or high, it’s always covered. Our patented STRETCH textile is 7 times thicker than other soft tonneau covers to keep your items safe from wind, snow, rain, and dust. The Sawtooth Stretch provides year-round protection whether you’re driving in a downpour or a blizzard or parked in the hot sun. Whatever the road throws at you, the Sawtooth STRETCH has your back.

3. Extra security

If it’s worth hauling, it’s worth keeping safe.

You haul valuable and essential cargo in your truck bed every day. The Sawtooth STRETCH tonneau keeps that cargo safe, whether it’s large, small, or somewhere in between. Other tonneau manufacturers void their warranty if cargo comes into contact with their tonneaus. But the Sawtooth STRETCH is actually designed to come into contact with your cargo.* The Sawtooth STRETCH also keeps your stuff out of plain sight, deterring theft. Our strong STRETCH textile is cut proof, too. You can rest reassured that cargo placed in your truck bed is secured whether you’re crossing the country, driving across town, or parking on the street overnight.*

4. Extra easy

Install the Sawtooth STRETCH by yourself with no tools. 

The Sawtooth STRETCH is light enough that one person can easily learn how to install tonneau truck cover without tools in under 6 minutes. Instead of spending time wrangling a heavy cover and juggling multiple installation tools, spend that time on the road instead. 

5. Extra access

Access 100% of your pickup truck bed with the Sawtooth STRETCH.

This isn’t like many other tonneaus that limit usable area because their tonneaus are recessed in, roll up or fold up within the cab space. The Sawtooth STRETCH takes up as little space as possible in the bed, giving you 100% access when it’s not in use. It’s also easy to learn how to remove a tonneau cover. After all, isn’t that one of the main reasons you drive a pickup? 

6. Extra tough

Snow is sNOw problem for the Sawtooth STRETCH. 

Sawtooth STRETCH tonneaus come with easily removable support bows that prevent snow and rain from pooling on and sagging the tonneau. No tools are required so you can add the bows in just a few minutes at the first sign of a storm. Keep your cargo and truck bed dry while maintaining the sleek profile that made you want a tonneau in the first place. Your cargo remains protected and your truck still looks great regardless of weather conditions.

7. Extra organization

Keep things in place, no ropes or tarp required.

At Sawtooth we are hard at work developing new storage and organization components you can add to your existing Sawtooth STRETCH tonneau. We are excited to improve every aspect of your truck bed. Soon the Sawtooth STRETCH will be just one part of an all-encompassing cargo management solution. Leave your ropes and tarp at home.

9. Extra safety

Don’t be that guy, keep drivers around you safe.

Not only do we care about protecting your large or small cargo, we care about the safety of the drivers around you. We’ve all seen that one truck with cargo flying out of the bed because their tonneau is rolled up or retracted. No one likes that guy. Since the Sawtooth STRETCH tonneau cover fits over any cargo, you can secure larger loads from flying or falling out of your truck while in transit. Keep your stuff off the highway and ensure you only get looks from other drivers admiring your truck.

10. Extra replacement parts

The Sawtooth STRETCH pickup truck tonneau cover allows you to replace individual components.

When your truck needs a new battery, do you go out and buy a full new truck? We didn’t think so. If one part of your tonneau gets damaged outside of normal use we don’t think you should need to buy a full new unit. Unlike our competition, at Sawtooth we make it easy for customers to buy individual replacement parts at affordable prices if damaged. Because of the modular aspects of the Sawtooth STRETCH, you can replace damaged parts on a case-by-case basis. Of course, Sawtooth will replace any faulty part or component covered under our tonneau warranty for free.* But even if you’ve made a mistake, all is not lost. Just visit our site to buy a single replacement part. Our team at Sawtooth has your back for the life of your pickup truck.

The bottom line: Get more out of your truck.

You didn’t buy your pickup truck so you could be limited. As pickup owners ourselves, we know that you buy a truck to DO more. And now you can finally buy a tonneau cover that lets you do more, not less. Expand your truck’s utility with a cover that stretches to fit almost anything you could carry. Plus, we might be biased, but we think it looks pretty good, too.

Buy the only tonneau cover that stretches to fit your life today. Whether you need a Ford F-150 tonneau or a Dodge Ram 1500 truck bed cover, there’s a Sawtooth tonneau for your truck. Contact our tonneau cover experts today!

* See warranty, warnings, and instructions for terms and limitations.

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