Notes - 2015 - Present, GMC Canyon / Chevy Colorado, 6'-2" Bed


- Fits the following truck year, make, model and bed size:

i. 1

ii. Year, Make, Model, Bed Length

iii. Year, Make, Model, Bed Length

iv. Year, Make, Model, Bed Length

v. Year, Make, Model, Bed Length

vi. Year, Make, Model, Bed Length vii. Etc.

- Fits bed inside width and lengths at the inside top of the bed rail:

i. Bed width at Cab:

ii. Bed Width at Tailgate:

iii. Bed Length:

        1. If you cannot find a tonneau that fits your pickup truck bed please contact us here.

- Trucks with bed liners:

The Sawtooth STRETCH Expandable Tonneau Cover fits all sprayed‐on and under‐the‐rail bed liners. It will not fit over‐the‐rail bed liners without cutting notches into the liner first.

- Trucks with bed caps and rails:

The Sawtooth STRETCH Expandable Tonneau Cover fits all factory and most non‐factory under‐the‐rail bed liners and bed caps; however, it cannot be used with bed rails.


State of California Consumers


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The Sawtooth STRETCH Expandable Tonneau Cover is proudly made in the USA! Unlike our competition, we believe you should not be limited in what cargo you can protect.  Sawtooth is an industry leader when it comes to creating innovative cargo management equipment that allows users to Load More, Haul More, and Do More.  We are passionate about utility and every day we strive to provide you the most versatile cargo management equipment.

The Sawtooth STRETCH roll‐up tonneau cover is a new category of tonneau.  The Sawtooth STRETCH is the world’s only tonneau that expands to secure and protect large cargo that sits above the pickup truck bed rails.  The Sawtooth STRETCH was specifically designed to be easy to use.  It installs in minutes and loads and unloads in seconds.  The Sawtooth STRETCH pickup truck cover gives you more utility and makes your truck more versatile.

Sawtooth’s aim is to improve consumer, commercial, and military logistics through unique design and increased functionality.  We manufacture innovative cargo management products that allow users to quickly load, secure, and protect cargo for transit.  Sawtooth has a contrarian view when it comes to cargo management.  Whether you’re headed to a soccer game or into combat, we provide innovative cargo management solutions across multiple modes of transportation.