What Is The Best Tonneau Cover For The Ram 1500?

If you're looking for the best Tonneau cover for your Ram 1500, it's time to get serious about finding one that will protect the gear in your truck bed and make your life easier.

The Ram 1500 has been a mainstay in the truck market since it was first introduced in 1981. The truck is known for its ability to pull heavy loads,agile handling on the road, and offering an affordable price tag.

If you're looking to keep your cargo protected and your truck looking good, you'll want to consider investing in a Tonneau cover. A Tonneau cover is essentially a pickup truck bed cover that protects your belongings and bed from environmental damage but can also be used as a storage space. Tonneau covers are relatively inexpensive, can be installed in a matter of minutes, and look great on any Ram 1500. Several types of Tonneau covers are available for the Ram 1500, each with its own benefits and drawbacks. To help you decide what type of Tonneau cover is best for you, we've created this guide so that you can make an informed decision about which one is right for your needs! 

Hard Folding Tonneau Covers

lomax hard folding tonneau cover

Image courtesy of Lomax

If you plan on storing expensive items in your pickup and need a tonneau with a high level of security, then hard folding Tonneau covers are the way to go. Hard folding Tonneau covers are made from aluminum or steel and are built using a series of hinges and latches that allow them to be folded open and close relatively easily without having to remove any cargo from the truck bed itself (which makes them ideal for those who like being able to access their cargo area quickly). They use hinges to fold down into place and then lock into place with a latch system. These covers tend to be more durable than other options, and they are easy to install. They offer quick access to both the cab and the bed of your vehicle, but they don't come with any additional storage space and can be heavy if you have to lift them over each time. This type of cover offers excellent protection against theft and weather damage, but it does not provide any access to your truck bed unless you unlock it first. These types of Tonneau tend to be more expensive than soft folding ones because they require more labor-intensive manufacturing processes.

Expandable Tonneau Covers

ford maverick with sawtooth tonneau cover

Expandable Tonneau covers are a growing popular choice because they give you more space than a hard-folding model while still providing easy access to all sides of yourvehicle. With these covers, you simply stretch the cover over your large cargo and secure it around the perimeter of the bed. It is designed to fit snugly onto its frame that sits inside and over your pickup bed rails  The expandable tonneau expands as needed depending on how much gear you need to store in your bed at any given time. This stretch tonneau requires no easily stuck hinges or rollers in order to rollback towards the cab when not in use. These types of covers also provide additional storage space, so they're great for those who use their trucks as work vehicles or want extra security against theft when they're parked overnight at home or at work. They  stretch, expand, and are easier to install and remove, giving you even more options for loading cargo into your truck bed while protecting it from inclement weather, dirt, debris, and other environmental hazards. Expandable Tonneau covers are ideal for someone who needs to carry large items or wants to protect their cargo from sun, rain, or water damage. They can be expanded to accommodate larger objects like bikes, camping gear, some furniture, and kayaks.

These are basic types of RAM 1500 Tonneau Covers, and it eventually comes down to the preference of security vs. storage.

The top 5 most popular Tonneau covers in the market these days are:

1. Tyger Auto Tri-Fold Tonneau Truck Bed Cover

The Tri-Fold Tonneau Bed Cover from Tyger Auto is a stylish soft Tonneau cover that fits the most popular current pickup vehicles.

Tyger's vinyl tonneau cover is simple to install and adapts to a variety of truck beds with little overhang. The clamps used in the installation method eliminate the need for drilling into your car.

Tyger tonneau covers come with a limited lifetime guarantee and accept returns.

2. Truxedo TruXport Roll-up Truck Bed Cover

The Truxedo TruXport Roll-up Truck Bed Cover is similar to the Tyger product above, but instead of folding in three parts, this cover rolls up.

This Tonneau is simple to put together and does not require any drilling. It attaches to your truck in less than 20 minutes and is composed of sturdy vinyl. When you need rapid access to your truck bed, the dual paddle latches give added security and are easy to unlock.

3. MaxMate Tri-Fold Truck Bed Tonneau Cover

The MaxMate Tri-Fold Vehicle Bed Tonneau Cover is a low-cost soft tri-fold tonneau cover that fits a small number of truck types.

It comes preassembled and ready to use, with no drilling required and all essential instructions and hardware included.

The tri-fold Tonneau cover from MaxMate comes with a 10-year guarantee.

4. Lund Genesis Elite Roll-Up Tonneau Cover

Lund was one of the first firms to manufacture truck bed caps in the 1970s, and it has a long history of producing Tonneau covers. As you progress up the ladder to more quality, if still reasonable, covers, you'll need that peace of mind. 

If you require access to your truck's bed for a longer amount of time or need to move higher things, the Tonneau easily rolls up and may be fixed that way, thanks to a set of plastic buckles.

5. Sawtooth STRETCH Tonneaus

Sawtooth is a leading maker of high-quality, creative cargo management equipment created in the United States that enables customers to load, secure, and protect goods for transit. 

Sawtooth STRETCH Tonneaus are all about maximizing the usefulness of your vehicle so you can Load More, Haul More, and Do  More. Sawtooth delivers creative cargo management solutions across numerous forms of transportation, whether you're heading to a soccer game or into battle.