Sawtooth Tonneau Named in Top 10 New Products at SEMA 2021 by Hagerty Magazine

Sawtooth Tonneau Named in Top 10 New Products at SEMA 2021 by Hagerty Magazine

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: January 4th, 2021

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Sawtooth Tonneau Named in Top 10 New Products at SEMA 2021 by Hagerty Magazine

Automotive industry publication Hagerty Media selected Sawtooth STRETCH as winner of the “How Did No One Think of This Before” Award.


Midway, Utah: At the SEMA 2021 convention held this November in Las Vegas gathered together the best of the best automotive manufacturers, emerging products, fans, and critics. Each year SEMA gives manufacturers and inventors a chance to shine a spotlight on their newest technologies and products. =

Hagerty Media, known as a top reporter in the industry, sends attendees to evaluate 1,300 exhibitors and take note of the freshest and most exciting trends. This year, in their top 11 new products, Hagerty named the expandable Sawtooth STRETCH Tonneau the “How Did No One Think of This Before” category winner.

red ford ranger with sawtooth tonneau cover

Hagerty Media publishes auto industry news and car articles about collector rides, trucks, and modified vehicles. Writer Matthew Fink covers topics from his own experience as a classic car collector to racing news and product reviews. He was the reporter selected to attend this year’s SEMA convention and select the top 11 new product winners. Winning categories ranged from creative (the “Making Front License Plates Stink a Little Less Award”) to tongue-in-cheek (the “It’s Not For Me But It’s Still Cool Award”). 

Other winning products included customizable tire stickers, a camper that’s light enough for a smart car to tow it, and car detailing products with more green ingredients and fewer harsh chemicals. Sawtooth is one of the newest emerging companies to have a product selected for Hagerty’s awards.

Of the Sawtooth Tonneau, Fink said: “A truck bed cover that stretches and expands, rolls up, repels dust, weighs nothing, and is weatherproof? Yes, please. Stop being so rigid (with your tonneau cover) and for about $400 start hauling larger loads. Makes me want a truck just so I can get one.”

The team at Sawtooth Tonneau invented the only expandable tonneau cover for that very same reason: no one had done it before. They saw a need for a change from the rigid tonneau covers that are bulky, expensive, weigh a ton, and totally prevent drivers from carrying large or tall cargo loads. The Sawtooth STRETCH tonneau is innovative from materials (it’s made from a patented textile that’s 7 times thicker than traditional soft tonneaus) to creative features like its ability to support heavy snow loads with simple cross bars that take seconds to install below the cover.  

red nissan frontier with black sawtooth tonneau cover

The STRETCH is a flexible tonneau for truck owners who value just that: flexibility. With this tonneau you can go more places with more cargo, keeping it protected all the time from weather, dirt, UV light, and even theft. 

This isn’t the only publication that drew attention to the market’s only expandable tonneau cover. Sawtooth also received a top-product recognition from Diesel Tech who named their tonneau the “SEMA Show Stopper“. The tonneau was also recently featured in 4WDrive Magazine. 

Shop the STRETCH Tonneau and learn more about Sawtooth at

About Sawtooth: Sawtooth Tonneau is a top manufacturer of premium, US-made innovative cargo management products that allow users to quickly load, secure, and protect cargo for transit. Sawtooth STRETCH Tonneaus are all about getting more utility out of your truck, so you can load more, haul more, and do more. Whether you’re headed to a soccer game or into combat, Sawtooth provides innovative cargo management solutions across multiple modes of transportation. 

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