Is a DIY Tonneau Cover Worth it?

Is a DIY Tonneau Cover Worth it?

Making accessories for your truck by yourself can be very exciting, especially for a DIY enthusiast. It is more fun when it is possible to execute it easily and quickly. If you are a handy person, a DIY tonneau cover might be an easy truck accessory to make yourself.

A tonneau cover is a common truck accessory. It can be installed easily and if done right, it can boost your truck’s look dramatically. However, not every cover is made equal. A lot of them tend to be nothing but a vinyl tarp spread across your truck’s bed. While they may be successful at hiding the things in the truck from prying eyes, they do not make the truck more functional or stylish. When it comes to DIY truck bed covers, the entire story is different. They can expand the storage space and protect your items from rain, dust, etc. A good tonneau cover will not only add functionality, but also function as a piece of art.

chevy pickup with diy tonneau cover

Chevy Pickup with Wood Tonneau Image Credit:

The Best Tonneau Covers You Can Build at Home

Before you begin building a tonneau cover, you may want to do some research on the various types of tonneau covers that exist. There are many types of tonneau covers on the market.  We suggest you start by reading this blog and educate yourself before beginning a DIY tonneau cover.  

Tonneau coverings are weather resistant, thief-resistant, and, of course, stylish. They can revamp the look of a truck. You can either construct one yourself or purchase one. If you do decide to make one yourself you might be able to save over 50%. Here are some DIY tonneau ideas for your to choose.

DIY Hardcover Tonneau 

A great method to make your pickup truck more practical is by adding a tonneau cover. Especially if you are transporting items for long distances, it can shield your cargo from poor weather, including rain and snow. Though there are numerous companies that provide tonneau covers, you can make one yourself and tailor it to your specific preferences and needs. All you need to make a hardcover for  your pickup truck bed is a simply add a plywood sheet, and some basic hardware and tools. It can not only be the perfect weekend project for you, but you will also save you money and give you something to be proud of.

nissan pickup with diy tonneau cover

Nissan Titan with Wood Tonneau Image Credit:

DIY Wooden Bed Tonneau

A DIY wooden tonneau would be ideal for any truck. With a little bit of assembly on the truck bed without any welding or drilling, you can build yourself one without much hassle. You can utilize materials like stainless steel and enjoy your DIY tonneau cover and the benefits it has to offer!

diy wooden tonneau cover

RAM 1500 with Wood Tonneau Cover Image Credit:

DIY Vinyl Tonneau

Vinyl tonneau Covers are ubiquitous in the industry. It makes sense that a DIY tonneau would be made of vinyl.  They have good water resistancy. They are a beautiful black color. They hold up well in the sun.

diy vinyl tonneau cover

DIY Vinyl Tonneau Cover Image Credit:

What Are Some of the Benefits of a DIY Tonneau Cover?

You can build a custom Tonneau cover according to not only your personal visual preferences, but also your functionality requirements. The advantages of a DIY tonneau cover go beyond its aesthetic appeal. Some of the reasons why you should consider making your own tonneau cover include:

  • Customization:
  • The biggest advantage of a DIY Tonneau Cover is probably the room for customization. Since you are crafting it on your own, it is possible to build it according to your personal preferences and use materials that would best suit your particular functional needs and visual style. It also ensures the cover matches the size of your truck since tonneau covers are not universal. 

  • Organization:
  • How often have you loaded your truck, drove about, only to discover later that something spilled or moved? You do not have to face  this frustrating situation again. A DIY tonneau cover could protect cargo from wind, which is frequently the reason behind the movement. If a tonneau cover is customized according to your particular needs, it might be able to ensure that everything stays in its proper position. It might be able to allow you to load the truck and drive care-free knowing that when you reach the destination, the cargo will be exactly where you placed it.

  • Safe luggage or equipment transport:
  • The protection of the cargo you are transporting is a DIY tonneau's major benefit. There is not a better method to protect your load, whether it's equipment, luggage, or a full bed of mulch. You could be protected against any element you will have to face, including wind, snow, and rain, with a customized DIY tonneau cover that perfectly fits your truck’s bed.

  • Improved Security
  • There is no better way to protect your items than to keep them hidden. A truck tonneau cover will conceal the cargo that is being transported and ensure it is secure. You can customize your  tonneau to also have a locking mechanism, which will not only conceal what you are carrying but will also protect the items that are placed on the truck's bed.

  • Value
  • Last but not the least, the biggest advantage of a DIY tonneau cover could beits value. Making it yourself could save you a lot of money, depending upon what you are building, as compared to purchasing it! You can create a cover that fits your vehicle perfectly. In addition, you might also save money in the long term due to lower gas mileage and reduced incidences of cargo theft and damage. The cover will also keep your truck’s bed safe from damage, so you will have to pay for less repairs. When the time comes to sell the truck, your truck’s bed still might be in good shape as compared to if it was left exposed. Essentially, the cover will not only maintain the vehicle’s value but also improve it due to the benefits it offers. So it is an excellent idea to invest some time in creating a truck bed cover instead of upgrading your vehicle.

    diy vinyl tonneau cover on chevy

    1975 Ford F-150 Vinyl Tonneau Cover Image Credit: - AJ Heating

    Our Final Thoughts

    Both manufactured and DIY tonneaus can offer a lot to pickup truck owners. One final thing to consider before deciding on whether to build your own truck bed cover or buy a manufactured tonneau is to decided whether or not you want a tonneau or Cap. Here is one final resource to consider before your final decision.  Now you should ask yourself, Do I want to Build a DIY tonneau or do I want to Build a DIY Cap.

    If what you are really looking for is extra cargo space, we’d encourage you to take a look at Sawtooth’s expandable tonneau covers which give you the best of both worlds by lying flat when possible, or stretching to cover large cargo. Not all tonneaus are created equal.  Sawtooth makes the only expandable tonneau cover that gives truck owners the utility they are looking for.  Load More, Haul More, and Do More with the Sawtooth STRETCH expandable tonneau.

    Ready to shop truck bed covers? Sawtooth makes GMC Canyon Tonneau Covers, and tonneaus for all the most popular truck makes, models, and bed lengths.

    red ford ranger with black tonneau cover

    Ford Ranger Flat Sawtooth Stretch Tonneau Cover
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