Best Tonneau Cover for Small Sized Pickup Truck

Best Tonneau Cover for Mid and Small Sized Pickup Truck Beds 

With smaller pickup trucks, with smaller truck beds, growing in popularity, the need to secure larger cargo has never been greater. Smaller pickup trucks, such as the Ford Ranger, are becoming increasingly popular in the U.S. and abroad. These trucks are more fuel efficient, easier to handle, easily navigate narrow city streets, and fit into smaller parking stalls. Not everyone wants a Ford F-350, and we at Sawtooth have created the world’s only expandable tonneau covers that allow smaller pickup truck owners to load more, haul more, and do more. 

Even if you aren’t hauling industrial loads with your pickup truck, we know that the quality and security of your cargo matters. Mid to small-sized trucks obviously have a bed size disadvantage to the larger, 8’ bed, pickups. However, having a mid to small-sized pickup truck doesn’t necessarily mean you are limited on what you can securely stow under your tonneau cover... as long as you have the proper truck bed cover. Fortunately, if you have a small or mid-size pickup truck, such as the Toyota Tacoma, don’t worry. We at Sawtooth have you and your truck bed covered. 


In this blog, we will introduce you to our versatile and durable truck bed covers. We then discuss why our unique truck bed covers are ideal for mid and small-sized pickup truck beds. Also, we will review why Sawtooth’s Tonneau is ideal for mid-sized and smaller truck models. As a wrap up, we will review some of the primary benefits of using a truck bed cover, which might even help you save on gas costs. 

Sawtooth is proud to offer a wide range of our stretch expandable tonneau covers to fit nearly all truck beds sizes. No matter the make or model of your truck, our tough tonneau covers will keep your cargo load safe, secure, and organized. We produce our versatile truck bed covers for the most popular truck models on the market; however, we also fulfill custom orders. No matter what you’re driving, we have a tonneau cover for you. 


When choosing a truck bed cover, it’s important to know what you’re looking for. With so many tonneau cover options available, how do you even know where to begin? Before you initiate your truck bed cover search, think about how it’ll be used. Are you looking to protect valuable cargo? Transport cargo through hazardous weather? Do you care about the look and style of your tonneau cover in addition to its function? 

If you’re on the hunt for a versatile, durable, and innovative product, Sawtooth has the right tonneau cover for you. On the market today, there’s no comparison to the strength of a Sawtooth tonneau cover. Developed with military-grade patented technology, these truck bed covers offer unmatched hold-strength and durability. Your cargo will be protected from wind, rain, snow, and any other adverse weather conditions. 

Sawtooth makes the world’s most versatile tonneau cover. Unlike our competition, Sawtooth truck bed covers stretch and expand over your cargo load, keeping your cargo secure and protected. Plus, when you have small cargo, Sawtooth Tonneaus roll out smooth and flat while still protecting and securing your small cargo. 


In addition to their versatility, strength, and durability, Sawtooth tonneau covers are perfect for mid to small-sized pickup truck beds. Why is this? With a smaller pickup truck bed, truck owners often have to stack their cargo. While other tonneau covers do not allow tall cargo to fit under their tonneaus, Sawtooth covers are designed to expand and stretch. 

Many tonneau cover brands are rigid and low profile, which makes it difficult to use them on stacked or unusually shaped cargo. Sawtooth addressed this issue by making the only expandable truck bed cover designed to secure and protect  large or unusually shaped cargo. Sawtooth tonneau covers are light-weight and easy to use while also being made from durable and weather-proof material. 


Sawtooth’s truck bed covers are perfect for any smaller pickup truck. If your truck bed is smaller than six feet in length, you’ll want to consider a Sawtooth tonneau cover. Whether you’re looking for a Ford Maverick tonneau cover or a Dodge Ram truck bed cover, we’ve got the tonneau cover for you. Here are some of the most popular truck models our tonneau covers are designed specifically to fit: 

Our tonneau covers work great on these larger truck models with smaller beds:  

 Additionally, our tuck bed covers are ideal for these international market models: 

  • Chevrolet Montana
  • Chevrolet Tornado
  • Dacia Logan Pick-Up
  • Fiat Fullback
  • Fiat Strada Adventure
  • Holden Ute
  • Isuzu I-350
  • Land Rover Defender
  • Mazda BT-50
  • Mercedes-Benz X-Class
  • MG Extender
  • Mitsubishi Raider
  • Mitsubishi Triton
  • Nissan Navara
  • Nissan NP200
  • Peugeot Hoggar
  • Proton Jumbuck
  • Ram 700
  • Ssangyong Actyon
  • Subaru Baja Turbo
  • Suzuki Equator
  • Toyota Hilux
  • Toyota Land Cruiser Pickup Truck
  • Volkswagen Amarok
  • Volkswagen Saveiro


Most people are familiar with how tonneau truck covers are designed to protect your cargo and truck bed. But did you know there are multiple benefits to using a tonneau cover for your pickup truck regardless of the bed size? Here are other great benefits some truck owners may not even realize. 

1. Security  

No matter what type of cargo you’re transporting, security is always a top priority. Pickup Truck tonneau covers can make your truck more secure by keeping your cargo out of sight. Even without a locking mechanism, simply covering up your cargo can greatly reduce the risk of theft or tampering. 

2. Organization 

The more you use your truck bed, the easier it gets to build up clutter over time. Whether it’s spare parts, tools, or other odd items, a disorganized truck bed can make it a hassle to find what you’re looking for and prevent you from optimizing the use of this space. Tonneau truck covers can help you better organize your cargo, which means you can load more, haul more, and do more with smaller truck beds.            

3. Protection from weather 

Pickup trucks are designed to endure even the harshest climates—shouldn’t this be true of your cargo load, too? With an expandable, roll-up truck bed cover, drive confidently through any type of weather knowing that your cargo is safe and secure.            

4. Possible improved gas mileage 

They say that pickup trucks are designed to get by anything—except a gas station. While newer truck models have improved gas mileage, gas costs are a constant issue for many truck owners. 

With a tonneau cover, however, you might be able to save on these costs by improving your gas mileage. We are conflicted when it comes to tonneau fuel efficiency; however, according to some reports, a soft truck bed cover can increase your truck’s gas mileage by up to 12 percent. Anyone who’s gone on a long road trip knows how much money this can save. 

5. Overall value 

With increased security, protection from the elements, better gas mileage, and improved organization, a pickup truck bed cover instantly boosts the overall value of your vehicle. These covers even protect your truck bed, which keeps your truck’s value higher over the years. In addition to all these benefits, a tonneau cover (in our opinion), simply makes your pickup truck look better. 


Pickup trucks will always be a popular icon in America. According to Experian, 20 percent of vehicles in operation today are pickup trucks of some variety. With their range of sizes, ruggedness, and versatility, pickup trucks allow you to do more than any other type of vehicle. The bed of your pickup truck, however, is only useful if you’re able to safely store and transport your cargo. That’s why a dependable tonneau cover is very important. 

If you need a reliable, durable, and versatile tonneau cover for your mid to small-sized pickup truck, look no further. Sawtooth offers state-of-the-art truck bed covers designed to stretch and expand over large-sized cargo loads—even the most unusual or challenging shaped loads. Our truck bed covers are developed with military-grade materials, which means you can trust the toughness and durability of our covers. Additionally, we’re proud to make all of our products right here in the United States. 

To learn more about what the world’s most versatile truck bed covers can do for your cargo needs, check out our Sawtooth page that answers some of the most Frequently Asked Questions about tonneau covers. Feel free to reach out and contact us with any questions you might have about our products. We look forward to making your pickup truck, regardless of the size, more versatile and dynamic than ever before. 

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